Hello! Hallo! Привет!
My name is Saida and welcome to my blog :) 
I live in Russia, Kazan. I will tell about my hometown sooner. 
I will try to write correct, but if you see some mistakes or horrible mistakes, say me about it! This is my first blog when i write in English haha

I'm 16 years old and I'm still studying at school. This is the first year when our class was divided, I have a new class and I like it. It's kind of new life in school. Our school system pretty hard to understand.
Also this year I'm learning German and I hope that one day I will speak on it.

 I'm a music lover, I'm not that person who download an album and listen to it a lot. I have some favorite bands and singers which I find unexpectedly. I don't like Russian music, I think that our singers and bands copy music. But we have some pretty good bands. And if you wanna listen to Russian music tell me about it :) And I love sining, maybe one day I will show how I sing.


Sometimes I'm drawing but not a lot.

I love watching movies and serials!

 pictures from serials and movies from tumblr