Boring stuff

Fortunately, I didn't go to school and I'am so happy about it. First of all, I had time to sleep. Then I've prepared for exam(usually, my laziness don't give me such an opportunity). I thought that the rest of the day I'll spend watching the tv, due to the fact that my friend changed her plans, but then she called and cheered me up by saying that we will meet yay. We spent out day talking and walking at the shopping mall. as always I couldn't go there not spending my money haha. Bought one sweater and blouse which I got on sale) I love sales! Who doesn't, ha? 
In the morning my mom bought this super delicious cake, which I love so much! A lot of chocolate and sponge cake) 
 This is all what I wanted to wright about)  


Tomorrow, no actually today I need to go to school which is annoying, because I have 3 hours to sleep. Due to the fact that this years is my last, I have a lot of stuff to do. After school and tutors I'm super exhausted! Some teachers even can't understand  how hard it is to do everything on time and study well at the same time. I have to pass 4 subjects and I wanna just study them more to get good results and to get in to the university of my dream. It is do hard! I wanna sleep, bye. 

Before my fave tutor I've made selfies as always ahahah 

This is not my school,but I have tutors here. As for me, this is the best school in our city! 



Hey! As always I'm the laziest person!but I' ll share some pics 😊

You can see them in my Instagram !
But some pics are not posted, so I'll start) 

This is Camila! Before New Year she is the most annoying person :)) Almost all her time she spends on finding presents for her relatives! You will just creep out if you walk all day with her at mall ! But I love her and I can stand almost everything)

This is me! The 1st day of January. This photo I made, when I was with my mom in the restraint. We were celebrating the birthday of my grandpa , unfortunately, he died 6 years ago. And my mom has decided to make his birthday as annual event( if it possible to say). 

 Not long ago in our city was opened a new cafe, which is wonderful! The coffe is         Super delicious and tee too! Also the food is great. The service is pretty good and waiters are funny. The first place where I will want to go is "Koffein".
Lots of #selfies on my phone 😆 making a seductive face ! Not funny at all 😐 

Sooner I will write about one TV show, but not now , due to the fact that it is night 😴