Killing my dream. Disappointment. No justice

Last year I went on a tour around the Europe. I felt in love with Cote d'Azur and wanted to get back. Actually, if you go to travel agency(as all people do) you will be disappointed by the price, because it's kinda expensive. Especially it's expensive to stay in Monaco or Cannes, so Nice is a little bit cheaper if you look. I'm student and I don't have a work, so all my trip is sponsored by my parents.  My budget is 2000$ for the whole trip. Maybe you know that booking everything by yourself is much cheaper. As well I wanted to say that I don't really like hostels, so I've got an idea to rent a flat for 10 days in Nice. The girl who I went to previous trip to Europe was so thrilled by my suggestion to go.  As well we had a desire spend few days in Paris. We've planned everything and we wanted to book a plane ticket and to apply for visa. Then we missed one thing about the airplane and after counting money it was much more expensive, so I've got an idea to go by train from Paris to Nice. But again it was expensive. So on Monday we will go to tour agency and we have decided to go to Greece. As well we think about going to Tunisia.

I don'not know what I feel right now. My dream almost come true and then everything fails in a second,so sad. Lot's of people get what they want, why can I get a little piece of happiness?


Too late, but let's try!

At the end of the may I've made a list of movies and books I want to watch. Sometimes I mean always Saida pretends to be the busiest person in the whole world. How to run a blog when you are so f lazy! I believe I'm the worst one hahahah I hope sooner I'll try to post here my prom pics, try not to believe so hard. So today I'll share my movie list.

1. Eyes Wide Shut 

2. La migliore offerta

3. The blind side 

4. Frida 

5. Hemingway & Gellhorn 

6. Lovelace

7. Les amour imaginaries

8.  Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

9. Bigger than Ben

10. 20 ans d'écart

11. Oh Boy

12Nos 18 ans

13.Yves Saint Laurent
14. Les chansons d'amour
15. The fault in our stars

I promise that after watchin' I'll share my thoughts and feelings