Spring is in the air

As you know I live in Russia, the weather here is totally unpredictable. The whole week it can be warm, but the other one it can be terribly cold. It is always a problem to decide what to wear, so I want to show you 3 outfits which I created on my favorite web-site. 

The first one is casual and you can wear it anywhere, especially if you in a rush.

I always loved ripped jeans, and I have two pairs of it in my wardrobe, who doesn't love it, you can wear whatever you want. I think, that for the past year everyone felt in love with mom jeans, which are cool by the way, so they will be perfect for this outfit,also you can change the t-shirt. Everything what I've chosen is basic, believe that more than 70% of people have it in their wardrobes.

The second one is more chic, 

I love mixing things, i believe that people will say this green one is not appropriate for this outfit, but i think it will be dull without this amazing emerald jacket. You always can throw black jacket and it will make this outfit more classy, but if you want smth different from it, so this is the best to wear. 
As much as I love emerald I love burgundy color, which always looks amazing and you can wear it with something simple, but it will make your outfit look much better. 

We need color! As I said spring is in the air and we have to add a bit of color in our life. 

I love skater skirts which always makes my legs longer and it is classy. 

Some things from all the outfits you can mix with each other. 
For example;
 skirt +striped t-shirt + pumps or keds
grey sweater + the 1 outfit and also you can wear pumps. 
emerald + the 1 outfit as well 
burgundy sleeveless blouse + 1 one
As I said, you can wear whatever you want with first one. As one stylist said, you have to have more basic stuff in your wardrobe to mix it with other stuff.