Talking about music and theater

I don't know how I survived this week but I did and i'm so happy! I'm still sick but I don' fell the pain anymore, so it's much better than it was last week. At the end of the last week my mom gave me tickets to the Turkvision, I'm always skeptical about such kind of events, but I enjoyed it so much!
I wasn't impressed by songs, but I was impressed by vocals of some singers. I think it is injustice that they are not popular. As you know not all popular performers have good vocals, but they earn a lot of money for what they do. I think this event gives young artists to realize their dreams and this is cool!
Yesterday I went to "Hamlet" for the second time in our local theater. I just can say that it was a masterpiece and the actor who plays Hamlet is really talented. I love this theater for the atmosphere they have there. As far I know my grandpa played there until the new building was built and my mother told me that sometimes she came to watch how they rehearse. Unfortunately, I've seen it just once, it was celebration of their troupe and I was so happy to see my grandpa performing, but it wasn't a play, It was more than that, he was telling about his life in St. Petersburg and the University experience. I don't remember what exactly he was talking about( I was 6), but I remember the song they were singing all together at the end o the event. It is Tatar song called "Kazan kichlare". I still have formication while listening to the song.
Finally, today I went to the concert of Russian singer Stas Pieha, I believe that no one knows him, but he sings really well. I don't like Russian music, but I love people with great voice. We haven't even planned to go to the concert, but someone made my mother a present. I went just to see how he performs and how he sings in real life, I'am still impressed. He was so genial and easygoing. It is really rare to see in Russian music world.

In Russia it is getting cooler and I really need warm in my life. So I went trough the photos of my holiday and I've realized that I haven't done so much when I was there and it makes me sad! Hope that the next summer will be full of fun, sun and great people!


Sick again ahahahah

                I've tried to be serious since i'v finished school, so now when i'm sick I'm trying to take pills on time and go to the hospital for some treatment, Don't let your sickness and pain take over your life. I mean, when I was younger and I had sore throat, I din't care about it at all. It was just an accuse to miss school, watch TV and do whatever I wanted. But then it led to  tonsillitis, so twice a year I feel f# bad. Now I have an illness which is caused by  weak immune system( nothing serious), so I as I've already mentioned I have to do everything to make myself feel well. 
The most incredible think to do when you are sick is to watch movies and listen to music!
Right now I listen to 1989 by Taylor Swift! I'm obsessed with it!
(please, tell it it to me 3 years ago when I hated her ahaha)

My favorite songs:

Blank Space


I Wish You Would

Wildest Dreams

All You Had To Do Was Stay

Welcome To New York

Shake It off 

TV Shows:

Red Band Society


Jane The Virgin



Faking it

VD/The Originals

Agents Of Shield

and more.....


University. Greece. MFW

Hi! The lazy girl is back! This year I entered the University. I have mixed feeling about it. For the past year the most important thing in the word was to graduate from the school and finally it has happened to me. I take a course of French and I'm kinda happy about it. My tutor said that I was ready to start a new language, but I'll continue learn English, because nothing can be more important than this wonderful language. As well, I will need it for something really cool, but when I'll be sure that this "thing" will be real I will defiantly wright about it here!

Also, month ago I came back from Greece and I liked it, but not sure if I go there again, but I've been just to Crete and maybe one day I'll go to Athens. For future summer I have two ideas, but I want reveal my dreams right now. I admitted one thing! Less you talk about your dreams more of them come true, so I stay quite for some time. It's not because IT'S A HUGE THING!! It isn't at all. I have to do some research and maybe them I'll tell you what's going on. (Photos from Greece will be sooner due to the face that my friend took my flash card)

A little about ma passion,,,
OMG! Have you seen Dolce&Gabbana fashion show? It's spell-blinding! If I had so much money, I would have bought the whole collection! Maybe one day I'll have my own D&G dress! Keep dreaming and dream big!

Enjoy your life!


Believe in miracles !

I've never thought that I'll do that again, but let's do it! You never  know what may happen to you!!

Have decided to take part in this competition!



Hello everyone!

I don't want to sound gloomy, but I still have a depression and I'm trying to suppress my anxiety. I'm so scared about everything, especially about my future. The biggest dream for now is to move to another country and to change my life completely. As well, I want to find a job which will make me happy. All I want is to be happy. Lots of things around me are so depressive. People are not satisfied with their life for the fullest. Due to some things they can't make fresh start and move on. All we can start from small thing. As for example, we can't solve all the problems without money, so saving money will be a good start to make.
I'm so bad at it. My problem is that I spend to much money for unnecessary things, taxi, cafes and restraints. Eating at home is not so cheap as well, because I can't eat the same thing for each day.
I want to write the list of things which I can refuse of and things which I can use more rare. ( then you can make your own, as well it depends on your preferences).

1. Not to use taxi everyday.
2. To drive the car everyday.
3. Less unhealthy food (believe me I spent too much money on it)
4. more home food  
5. No more eating food from Mac, while going anywhere by car

I hope that it will help you somehow. Bye!


Killing my dream. Disappointment. No justice

Last year I went on a tour around the Europe. I felt in love with Cote d'Azur and wanted to get back. Actually, if you go to travel agency(as all people do) you will be disappointed by the price, because it's kinda expensive. Especially it's expensive to stay in Monaco or Cannes, so Nice is a little bit cheaper if you look. I'm student and I don't have a work, so all my trip is sponsored by my parents.  My budget is 2000$ for the whole trip. Maybe you know that booking everything by yourself is much cheaper. As well I wanted to say that I don't really like hostels, so I've got an idea to rent a flat for 10 days in Nice. The girl who I went to previous trip to Europe was so thrilled by my suggestion to go.  As well we had a desire spend few days in Paris. We've planned everything and we wanted to book a plane ticket and to apply for visa. Then we missed one thing about the airplane and after counting money it was much more expensive, so I've got an idea to go by train from Paris to Nice. But again it was expensive. So on Monday we will go to tour agency and we have decided to go to Greece. As well we think about going to Tunisia.

I don'not know what I feel right now. My dream almost come true and then everything fails in a second,so sad. Lot's of people get what they want, why can I get a little piece of happiness?


Too late, but let's try!

At the end of the may I've made a list of movies and books I want to watch. Sometimes I mean always Saida pretends to be the busiest person in the whole world. How to run a blog when you are so f lazy! I believe I'm the worst one hahahah I hope sooner I'll try to post here my prom pics, try not to believe so hard. So today I'll share my movie list.

1. Eyes Wide Shut 

2. La migliore offerta

3. The blind side 

4. Frida 

5. Hemingway & Gellhorn 

6. Lovelace

7. Les amour imaginaries

8.  Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

9. Bigger than Ben

10. 20 ans d'écart

11. Oh Boy

12Nos 18 ans

13.Yves Saint Laurent
14. Les chansons d'amour
15. The fault in our stars

I promise that after watchin' I'll share my thoughts and feelings



School is over!

OMG! FINALLY! School is over! You just can not imagine how I hated my school! TO be honest, I hope that no one in the world won't treat me like teachers in my school. It was like a hell to go there everyday. Teachers are people who just concerned about their own asses. When you have a good mood in the morning, they will kill it. You may think that I'm a bit aggressive, but believe me I'm telling the truth. All what I heard from them was: "You are gonna fail your exam on Math, Russian...blah blah blah"-, no I DID NOT! They even kill your desire to study, because of it I tried to stay at home as long as I could. Fortunately, not all the teachers in school like these, the teacher of Biology is really supportive person. She always tried to cheer us up when we felt that we won't pass our exam.

All what I hear from my classmates is how they hated each other and hoe they won't to leave the school. Our school do not study us how to do right decisions, it  teaches us how to be cruel, aggressive and self-centered person. Hope that no one will be like I've previously said, but if you meet people from my school, you will be shocked by their behavior.

Have a nice day and do not people ruin your god mood. By the way, I'm still waiting for result on my final exam, which was kind of the hardest one.

jeans - zara
bag - zara
sweater - zara
scarf - no name
coat - monsoon 


Boring stuff

Fortunately, I didn't go to school and I'am so happy about it. First of all, I had time to sleep. Then I've prepared for exam(usually, my laziness don't give me such an opportunity). I thought that the rest of the day I'll spend watching the tv, due to the fact that my friend changed her plans, but then she called and cheered me up by saying that we will meet yay. We spent out day talking and walking at the shopping mall. as always I couldn't go there not spending my money haha. Bought one sweater and blouse which I got on sale) I love sales! Who doesn't, ha? 
In the morning my mom bought this super delicious cake, which I love so much! A lot of chocolate and sponge cake) 
 This is all what I wanted to wright about)  


Tomorrow, no actually today I need to go to school which is annoying, because I have 3 hours to sleep. Due to the fact that this years is my last, I have a lot of stuff to do. After school and tutors I'm super exhausted! Some teachers even can't understand  how hard it is to do everything on time and study well at the same time. I have to pass 4 subjects and I wanna just study them more to get good results and to get in to the university of my dream. It is do hard! I wanna sleep, bye. 

Before my fave tutor I've made selfies as always ahahah 

This is not my school,but I have tutors here. As for me, this is the best school in our city! 



Hey! As always I'm the laziest person!but I' ll share some pics 😊

You can see them in my Instagram !
But some pics are not posted, so I'll start) 

This is Camila! Before New Year she is the most annoying person :)) Almost all her time she spends on finding presents for her relatives! You will just creep out if you walk all day with her at mall ! But I love her and I can stand almost everything)

This is me! The 1st day of January. This photo I made, when I was with my mom in the restraint. We were celebrating the birthday of my grandpa , unfortunately, he died 6 years ago. And my mom has decided to make his birthday as annual event( if it possible to say). 

 Not long ago in our city was opened a new cafe, which is wonderful! The coffe is         Super delicious and tee too! Also the food is great. The service is pretty good and waiters are funny. The first place where I will want to go is "Koffein".
Lots of #selfies on my phone 😆 making a seductive face ! Not funny at all 😐 

Sooner I will write about one TV show, but not now , due to the fact that it is night 😴