University. Greece. MFW

Hi! The lazy girl is back! This year I entered the University. I have mixed feeling about it. For the past year the most important thing in the word was to graduate from the school and finally it has happened to me. I take a course of French and I'm kinda happy about it. My tutor said that I was ready to start a new language, but I'll continue learn English, because nothing can be more important than this wonderful language. As well, I will need it for something really cool, but when I'll be sure that this "thing" will be real I will defiantly wright about it here!

Also, month ago I came back from Greece and I liked it, but not sure if I go there again, but I've been just to Crete and maybe one day I'll go to Athens. For future summer I have two ideas, but I want reveal my dreams right now. I admitted one thing! Less you talk about your dreams more of them come true, so I stay quite for some time. It's not because IT'S A HUGE THING!! It isn't at all. I have to do some research and maybe them I'll tell you what's going on. (Photos from Greece will be sooner due to the face that my friend took my flash card)

A little about ma passion,,,
OMG! Have you seen Dolce&Gabbana fashion show? It's spell-blinding! If I had so much money, I would have bought the whole collection! Maybe one day I'll have my own D&G dress! Keep dreaming and dream big!

Enjoy your life!


Believe in miracles !

I've never thought that I'll do that again, but let's do it! You never  know what may happen to you!!

Have decided to take part in this competition!