New Year New Goals

I have a little tradition of mine to write goals in my diary for the past three years. I have admitted that not a lot of goals were fulfilled, so I have decided that this year I will do everything I have planned.  Although, some wishes and goals were accomplished, for example graduation and loosing weight, I have revealed that for the past 2 years I lost 10 kilos, so I have an aim to loose more. I love myself as I am right now, but I think that I will feel myself way better. Not only I want to loose weight, but I want to be fitter and healthier, because I treated myself badly, by eating junk food and drinking way too much coke, which kills my stomach. Actually, in 10th grade I made myself not eating unhealthy food and at that time I started loosing weight. In my mind I imagine how it is easy to avoid the food which makes me feel bad, but in reality it is difficult. 

I wanted to write about my University as well, because everything has changed. I get used to my group mates and we have fun all the time instead of fighting. We have exams now, but it isn't so difficult as I imagined. I have to pass another 3 exams on French and English, I'm not worried about English exam, but I'm worried about French, because for the past month we had no opportunity to concentrate on language, sue to other exams we had, I'm happy to say that the first part of exams I have passed successfully,so I wish to pass another part as the previous one. Wish me luck!

I can't end this post without saying that Glee is back and it is the last season. I was growing with this TV show, I got so much from it. Actually, before watching the first episode I forgot what  Glee is to me, but after the 10 minutes I realized how this show is close to me. 

My playlist of the week 

Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen – Beauty and the Beast
Taylor Swift – I Know Places
Coldplay – Miracles
Pentatonix – La La Latch
The Weeknd – High For This (Downpour Remix)
Troye Sivan – Touch
The Zombies – She's Not There
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn