Hello everyone!

I don't want to sound gloomy, but I still have a depression and I'm trying to suppress my anxiety. I'm so scared about everything, especially about my future. The biggest dream for now is to move to another country and to change my life completely. As well, I want to find a job which will make me happy. All I want is to be happy. Lots of things around me are so depressive. People are not satisfied with their life for the fullest. Due to some things they can't make fresh start and move on. All we can start from small thing. As for example, we can't solve all the problems without money, so saving money will be a good start to make.
I'm so bad at it. My problem is that I spend to much money for unnecessary things, taxi, cafes and restraints. Eating at home is not so cheap as well, because I can't eat the same thing for each day.
I want to write the list of things which I can refuse of and things which I can use more rare. ( then you can make your own, as well it depends on your preferences).

1. Not to use taxi everyday.
2. To drive the car everyday.
3. Less unhealthy food (believe me I spent too much money on it)
4. more home food  
5. No more eating food from Mac, while going anywhere by car

I hope that it will help you somehow. Bye!