School is over!

OMG! FINALLY! School is over! You just can not imagine how I hated my school! TO be honest, I hope that no one in the world won't treat me like teachers in my school. It was like a hell to go there everyday. Teachers are people who just concerned about their own asses. When you have a good mood in the morning, they will kill it. You may think that I'm a bit aggressive, but believe me I'm telling the truth. All what I heard from them was: "You are gonna fail your exam on Math, Russian...blah blah blah"-, no I DID NOT! They even kill your desire to study, because of it I tried to stay at home as long as I could. Fortunately, not all the teachers in school like these, the teacher of Biology is really supportive person. She always tried to cheer us up when we felt that we won't pass our exam.

All what I hear from my classmates is how they hated each other and hoe they won't to leave the school. Our school do not study us how to do right decisions, it  teaches us how to be cruel, aggressive and self-centered person. Hope that no one will be like I've previously said, but if you meet people from my school, you will be shocked by their behavior.

Have a nice day and do not people ruin your god mood. By the way, I'm still waiting for result on my final exam, which was kind of the hardest one.

jeans - zara
bag - zara
sweater - zara
scarf - no name
coat - monsoon